Our estate has no restaurant, but during your stay our well-equipped professional kitchen is at your disposal so you can prepare your own meals. However, you can ask us to take care of the catering.

An extensive lunch or special dinner with family, friends or other guests gains in atmosphere when you leave the cooking to our experienced and enthusiastic professional chef. She will cook all meals on the spot using fresh ingredients.

Would you like to enjoy yourself as much as you can and give all your attention to your guests or course participants? Le Bocage's chef will do the kitchen tasks with great pleasure. She knows all about the French, Belgian and Dutch cuisine and about cooking during multi-day events. She even has done the catering on an event where the Dutch queen Beatrix was present. We at Le Bocage are very much aware of the importance of a good meal to become relaxed and re-energized.


Pass your questions and wishes on to us; together we will find the best 'culinary' solution.









Address:Le domaine Le Bocage
1, rue du Château
52500 Savigny, Haute-Marne France
Tel. : +33 3 258 479 10

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