Getting married in a château in France, wouldn't that be wonderful?!

A wedding day is a day never to be forgotten. That's why more and more people seek a special location to celebrate their marriage.

There is a very good reason why you should choose Le Bocage: with its unique character and grandeur our estate has the capacity (up to 120 persons) to welcome your guests in the special party hall and to let them enjoy a good night's sleep after a marvellous celebration! All this at a quite reasonable price.


In accordance with all your wishes – and if so desired in consultation with our wedding planner – we take care of the whole wedding day, making sure you and your guests will want for nothing. From civil wedding to stylish reception and from startling dinner to grandiose gala night. And, what's more, also a photo-report in a splendid setting.

Just picture yourself turning into the drive in an open carriage... entering the beautifully decorated courtyard, where your guests are awaiting you... saying 'I will' to one another in the magnificent wedding hall... dining in the characteristic party hall...preparing for a grandiose feast...

For one day you will think yourself chatelain and chatelaine. The night ends with dazzling fireworks, let off specially for you, whereupon everybody will lay their heads to rest in the rooms of Le Bocage or St. Hubert.

The church celebration of your wedding can take place in the picturesque church of Savigny, hardly a stone's throw from the estate. We can arrange it according to your every wish.


Eating and drinking

You can choose to use the services of our chef or hire a cook or caterer yourself.

Our chef – an expert in French cooking – is capable of organizing anything, from creative wine tasting parties with all kinds of tidbits to a sumptuous diner with skillfully garnished dishes and as many courses as you may desire.





We can also help you to put together an entertainment program. Think for example of hiring a band or orchestra, actors, illusionists, singers, and so on. Again, your wishes are the most important and we will do the best we can to help you fulfill them and give you and your guests a really unforgettable day.


Address:Le domaine Le Bocage
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52500 Savigny, Haute-Marne France
Tel. : +33 3 258 479 10

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