Last winter, we took the time to carry out urgent repairs to the roof, repaint ceilings and walls showing leakage spots and realize some improvements. For example, we have installed a washbasin and a fridge in the breakfast room and a dresser and kitchen unit with dishwasher and fridge in the games room. From now on, the latter can be used by a chef to prepare dinners for large groups served in the party hall.

New shutters

The shutters of château Le Bocage were in such a deplorable state that dangerous situations could occur. So, they were all removed to be replaced by new ones. In June 2013, they will be reinstalled and as we have given them their original color (French blue), the aspect of Le Bocage will be greatly improved.

A big relief

In Mai 2013, all installations of Le Bocage were subjected to technical inspection by SOCOTEC, the French inspection authority.

The inspection concerned:

– the fire alarm installation

– the smoke vents in the staircase

– the fire doors

– the gas installation

– the fixed kitchen appliances

– the electrical installation

– the ventilation

We were very relieved that all installations received approval for use, so now we are ready again to welcome our guests!

11-02-2013 Improving the enviroment

In the courtyard of St. Hubert was a 35 year old underground fuel tank with a capacity of 4 000 litres. In November 2012 it was examined by means of a pressure test. As the 100 % tightness of the tank could not be proved, we decided – out of care for the environment – to have it removed. During the excavation in January 2013 we found to our amazement that part of the tank was lying in groundwater and that the tank was porous, but fortunately there were no signs of oil leaks!

05-12-2012 Snow in Savigny!

01-10-2012 Prices 2013

You will find the prices for 2013 here.

27-9-2012 A new team, a wind of change


Since July 2012, the estate is exploited and managed by a new board of directors. With the arrival of this new team a wind of change is blowing over the estate. The buildings are being refurbished and as a first result the château Le Bocage has regained its former splendor! The renovation and maintenance of the park and the hunting lodge St. Hubert are next on our programme.

Adres: Le Domaine Le Bocage
1, rue du Château
52500 Savigny, Haute-Marne Frankreich
Tel. : +33 3 258 479 10
Mobiel: +31 (0) 6 15 31 78 08

the fire doors


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